Welcome to the NexT documentation site! NexT is a high quality elegant theme for Hexo. It is crafted from scratch, with love.

User Guide

It's easy to set up NexT theme. Just follow documentation and create your personal website!


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  • Add or improve translation in few seconds.
  • Report a bug in GitHub Issues.
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⭐ Features

  • New reversed reading progess bar option (#221)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix mermaid preformatted issue (9ef3a63)

🛠 Improvements

  • Use CSS transitions to animate site-nav (#223)

🌀 External Changes

  • Update dependency eslint to v7.23.0 (#230)
  • Update dependency mocha to v8.3.2 (#219)
  • Update dependency chai to v4.3.4 (#216)

🌍 Localization

  • New Crowdin updates (#238)
  • Add aria-label for buttons and selects (#234)

For full changes, see the comparison between v8.2.2 and v8.3.0

Detailed changes for NexT v8.3.0

⭐ Features

  • Add external link icon options (#192)
  • Fix exturl title (#193)
  • New gitalk proxy option (#205)

🛠 Improvements

  • Use minified js files for jsdelivr and cdnjs (#207)

🌀 External Changes

  • Update dependency hexo to v5.4.0 (#210)
  • Update dependency eslint to v7.21.0 (#206)
  • Update dependency mocha to v8.3.0 (#204)
  • Update dependency hexo-renderer-marked to v4 (#203)
  • Update dependency chai to v4.3.0 (#194)
  • Update peaceiris/actions-label-commenter action to v1.9.1 (#202)

🌍 Localization

  • New Crowdin updates (#201)

For full changes, see the comparison between v8.2.1 and v8.2.2

Detailed changes for NexT v8.2.2

🛠 Improvements

  • Explicitly use HTTPS for Vendors (#187)
  • Use correct language codes in multi-language sites (#170)

🌀 External Changes

  • Update dependency husky to v4.3.8 (#175)
  • Update dependency js-yaml to v4 (#172)
  • Update dependency eslint to v7.19.0 (#169)

For full changes, see the comparison between v8.2.0 and v8.2.1

Detailed changes for NexT v8.2.1