NexT 8.0.2 Released

🌟 New Features

  • Support preconnect hint for CDN (#122)
    +# Preconnect CDN for fonts and plugins.
    +# For more information:
    +preconnect: false

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix scroll position of post-toc (537db5f)
  • Fix follow_me link (5385def)

🛠 Improvements

  • Support absolute path for search DB (c1a2073)
  • Optimize video tag (afb052c)
  • New element .sidebar-panel-container (885e0b7)

🌀 External Changes

  • Update dependency mocha to v8.2.0 (#128)
  • Update dependency eslint to v7.12.1 (#124)
  • Update actions/cache action to v2 (#129)

For full changes, see the comparison between v8.0.1 and v8.0.2

Detailed changes for NexT v8.0.2