NexT 8.13.2 Released

What's Changed

⭐ Features

  • Add preload tag for main.css by @njzjz in
  • Show follow-me qrcode image in current page instead of open new tab (c108c96)

πŸ›  Improvements

  • Mitigate DOM reflow with wrapTableWithBox by @stevenjoezhang in
  • Fix darkmode gitalk color (3782192)

πŸŒ€ External Changes

  • New action Pull Request Reminder by @stevenjoezhang in
  • Update dependency hexo-renderer-marked to v6 by @renovate in
  • Update dependency eslint to v8.26.0 by @renovate in
  • Update dependency mocha to v10.1.0 by @renovate in

Full Changelog:

Detailed changes for NexT v8.13.2