NexT 8.17.1 Released

What's Changed

⭐ Features

  • Remove AddThis share (b9ba532)
    -# AddThis Share. See:
    -# Go to to customize your tools.
  • Allow disabling the copyright statement (72302c2)
    copyright: false

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Display warning message only once (824885e)

πŸ›  Improvements

  • Update stylelint rule (2e1de3e)
  • Use (eedd189)

πŸŒ€ External Changes

  • Update dependency hexo-renderer-marked to v6.1.0 by @renovate in
  • Update dependency c8 to v8 by @renovate in
  • Update dependency eslint to v8.44.0 by @renovate in

🌍 Localization

  • New Crowdin updates by @stevenjoezhang in

Full Changelog:

Detailed changes for NexT v8.17.1