NexT 8.18.0 Released

What's Changed

πŸ’₯ Breaking Changes

  • Upgrade to fancybox 5 by @stevenjoezhang in

🌟 New Features

  • Support folding code blocks by @stevenjoezhang in
    + # Fold code block
    + fold:
    + enable: false
    + height: 500

⭐ Features

  • Remove gitter support (223ea19)
    -# Gitter is a chat and networking platform.
    -# For more information:
    - enable: false
    - room:
  • Remove link posts feature (a24450d)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix next_url: add new option to decodeURI (b85201b)

πŸ›  Improvements

  • Update fa CSS selector (0624149)
  • Create code-container element (c596155)

πŸŒ€ External Changes

  • Update dependency stylelint to v15 by @renovate in
  • Update dependency hexo-renderer-marked to v6.1.1 by @renovate in
  • Update dependency eslint to v8.46.0 by @renovate in
  • Update dependency c8 to v8.0.1 by @renovate in
  • Refactor Pull Request Reminder (8fd8f92)

πŸ“– Documentation

  • Update gitter url (d3b76a8)
  • Add npm downloads badge (dc8e5e1)

Full Changelog:

Detailed changes for NexT v8.18.0