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Front Matter

Front-matter is a block of YAML or JSON at the beginning of the file that is used to configure settings for your writings. Front-matter is terminated by three dashes when written in YAML or three semicolons when written in JSON.
— from Hexo site.


title: Hello World
date: 2013/7/13 20:46:25


"title": "Hello World",
"date": "2013/7/13 20:46:25"

Next extends and provide more variables. It allows users to configure a single page.

Settings & Their Default Values

Setting Type Description Default
author string Author name for post copyright author in Hexo config file
post_link string The original link of the reposted article None
link string Clicking on the post title on the index or archive page will redirect to the set external link None
description string Docs here None
direction string Available value: rtl None
header boolean Whether to display the post header true
mathjax boolean MathJax support Depends on math.every_page in NexT config file
sidebar boolean Whether the sidebar will be shown Depends on sidebar.display in NexT config file
copyright boolean Whether to display copyright notices below the post with creative_commons.license and enabled true
sticky number Pin the post to the top of the index page. hexo-generator-index plugin required 0
quicklink object (1) Quicklink support From NexT config file
reward_settings object (1) Reward settings From NexT config file
toc object (1) Table of Contents in the sidebar From NexT config file

(1): They have the same structure as the options in NexT config file.


enable: true
number: false
max_depth: 3
enable: true
comment: Buy me a coffee
enable: true
delay: true
timeout: 3000
priority: true

Undocumented Front-matter Variables

The following variables are not mentioned in the Hexo documentation, but are required by hexo-theme-unit-test.

Setting Type Example
link string link-post
photos array gallery-post