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Third-party Plugins

Static website is limited in some functions, so we need third-party services to extend our site.
In any time you can extend needed functions by using third-party services supported by NexT.

Adding Plugins

Plugins extend and expand the functionality of NexT. There are two types of libraries: internal scripts and third-party plugins. The internal scripts are loaded from your site by default, they are required by the basic functions of NexT. Third-party plugins provide a large number of optional features. They are loaded from jsDelivr CDN by default, because it is fast in everywhere.

Configuring these plugins is very easy. For example, if you want to use pjax in your site, just set pjax to true in NexT config file:

NexT config file
# Easily enable fast Ajax navigation on your website.
# For more information:
pjax: true

If you want to specify the CDN provider for any plugins, you need to set / update the CDN URL. See Advanced Settings for more information.

Detailed documentation about these plugins is listed below.

Math Equations

Comment Systems

Statistics and Analytics



Post Widgets

Search Services

Chat Services

External Libraries