{% caniuse feature @ [periods] %}
<!-- Tag Alias -->
{% can feature @ [periods] %}
  • feature : Search for the feature you want on https://caniuse.com, then click on the hash sign to the left of the search result heading and you will get the unique name of this feature.
  • [periods] : Optional parameter. Select the browser versions to display. Supported values: past_1, past_2, past_3, past_4, past_5, current, future_3, future_2, future_1. If this value is empty, the default value current will be used.


Caniuse without periods

{% caniuse fetch %}

Caniuse with current period

{% caniuse sharedarraybuffer @ current %}

Caniuse with future periods

{% caniuse loading-lazy-attr @ future_3,future_2,future_1 %}

Caniuse with past periods

{% caniuse link-rel-modulepreload @ past_1,past_2,past_3,past_4,past_5 %}