How to configure Hexo and NexT? The traditional approach is to store some options in site config file and other options in theme config file. This approach is applicable, but it is not smooth to update NexT theme from pulling or downloading new releases.

At present, NexT encourages users to use the Alternate Theme Config. It's a feature of Hexo and the documentation is here: Hexo Configuration.

This tutorial shows you how to configure NexT using Alternate Theme Config. Please choose only one of the following solutions and resume next steps.


With this way, all your configurations locate in config file /_config.[name].yml. Replace [name] with the value of theme option in site config file, e.g. next.


  1. Please ensure you are using Hexo 5.0 (or later).

  2. Create a config file in site's root directory, e.g. _config.next.yml.

  3. Copy needed NexT theme options from theme config file into this config file. If it is the first time to install NexT, then copy the whole theme config file by the following command:

    # Installed through npm
    cp node_modules/hexo-theme-next/_config.yml _config.next.yml
    # Installed through Git
    cp themes/next/_config.yml _config.next.yml


With this way, all your configurations locate in main site config file. You don't need to edit theme config file or create any new files. But you need to keep up indentation within theme_config option.


  1. Please confirm that the /source/_data/next.yml file does not exist (backup and delete it if exists).
  2. Copy needed NexT theme options from theme config file into site config file, then
    2.1. Move all this settings to the right with two spaces (in Visual Studio Code: select all strings, CTRL + ]).
    2.2. Add theme_config: parameter above all this settings.

next.yml (Deprecated)

Older versions of NexT theme also provide another configuration method, which is to place the theme configuration in the /source/_data/next.yml file. This method is deprecated, please use _config.next.yml instead. If the /source/_data/next.yml file exists, move it to the Hexo root directory and rename it to _config.next.yml.