Theme for Hexo


NexT Compatibility with Hexo Version

Version Hexo 3.0.0-beta.4 or earlier Hexo 3.0.0-rc.1 ~ 3.9 Hexo 4.0 ~ 4.2.1 Hexo 5.0 or later
NexT v0.4.5.1 or earlier ❌ Icon (2) ❌ Icon (2)
NexT v0.4.5.2 ~ v7.4.1 ⚠️ Data Files (1) ❌ Icon (2) ❌ Icon (2)
NexT v7.4.2 ~ v8.1.0 ⚠️ Data Files (1)
NexT v8.2.0 or later ⚠️ Nunjucks (3) ⚠️ Nunjucks (3) ⚠️ Nunjucks (3)

(1): Hexo 3.0.0-beta.4 or earlier does not support Data Files.
(2): Icons may not be displayed normally.
(3): Nunjucks renderer plugin required.

NexT Repositories

Due to historical reasons, NexT has three different repositories.

Years Version Repository
2014 ~ 2017 v5
2018 ~ 2019 v6 ~ v7
2020 v8

Upgrade from Legacy Version

It's recommended to upgrade NexT to version 8 to get the latest features and supports in the new Theme-Next repository.

Breaking Changes

There are some breaking changes that need attention when upgrading across versions.

  1. Update language configuration (for Simplified Chinese)
    Since v6.0.3, zh-Hans has been renamed to zh-CN:

    Users upgrading to v6.0.3 and later need to explicitly modify the language configuration in Hexo config file, otherwise the language display is incorrect.

  2. Since v8.0.0, all libraries under the next/source/lib directory was moved out to @next-theme/plugins. Please see this article for the new 3rd-party libraries installation method: Adding Plugins.


So, NexT suggest to upgrade from version 5 or 7 to version 8 in this way:

  1. You need to do some copies of old NexT files:
    1.1. _config.yml or next.yml (if you used Alternate Theme Config).
    1.2. Custom CSS files placed in next/source/css/_custom/* and next/source/css/_variables/* directories.
    1.3. Custom layout files placed in next/layout/_custom/*.
    1.4. Any another possible custom additions which can be found by compare tools between repositories.
  2. Then rename the old NexT folder, for example, rename next to next-old.
  3. Install the new version according to the method provided in this article: installation instructions. Run hexo clean and hexo s to check whether the site works correctly.
  4. Update Hexo and Hexo plugin
    If after completing the above steps, an error occurs when executing hexo s or hexo g, it means that there may be a conflict between the old version of Hexo / Hexo plugin and the new version of the theme NexT. We recommend upgrading Hexo and Hexo plugins to the latest version. You can run npm outdated to see all the upgradeable plugins.
  5. If you see any bugs or you simply does not like this version, you can switch back to the old version at any time.